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Ocu-GLO™ Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is Ocu-GLO™ administered? How do I pill my dog?
2. Can I trust Ocu-GLO™ for my dog?
3. What is the shelf life of Ocu-GLO™?
4. What sizes does Ocu-GLO™ come in? What is the suggested dosage, and do the Gelcaps need to be given with food?
5. What is your product guarantee?
6. How long will one bottle of Ocu-GLO™ last?
7. How do I order Ocu-GLO™? How much does it cost?
8. How big are the Ocu-GLO™ Gelcaps?
9. What if my dog does not want to just eat the Ocu-GLO™ Gelcap. Do you have any suggestions?
10. Is it necessary to give a multi-vitamin with Ocu-GLO™?
11. Are the Soybean oil and Soy lecithin ingredients found in Ocu-GLO™ NON-GMO?
12. Is there Caffeine found in Ocu-GLO™?
13. Are there animal products in Ocu-GLO™?
14. Do you offer an Auto-Ship Service?

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