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Animal HealthQuest and Animal Necessity are proud to provide Ocu-GLO Rx for optimal support of canine eye health. Ocu-GLO Rx is a nutraceutical comprised of 12 natural antioxidants, including grapeseed extract, lutein and omega-3 fatty acids (GLO). Each of these key ingredients has not been available in a combination blend until veterinary ophthalmologists formulated all 12 of them into a natural, single-dose nutraceutical of the highest quality.

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Recent Ocu-GLO Rx ™ Success Stories From: Barrie and Marge G. and Quito

In January of 2012, we looked into the possibility of cataract surgery to help Quito’s eyesight. Dr. McCalla in Bellingham, Washington put Quito through three assessment visits to check his suitability for surgery. He was found to have PRA (progressive retinal atrophy), which was the cause of his cataracts. Although Dr. McCalla told us that surgery would not fully restore his vision and that he might not have functional vision after surgery because his retinas were fairly damaged, we wanted Quito to have every chance of having at least some vision. Quito was first placed on Ocu-GLO Rx (Dr. McCalla said that he would need to be on this the rest of his life) to help his retinas and support his eye health in anticipation of surgery. On March 7, 2012, Quito had cataract surgery on both eyes and since then, has made steady progress on a path to life with vision. We knew Quito’s vision after surgery would not be very good, but Dr. McCalla believed there was a decent chance that he would have better vision with surgery than he did without surgery, and that if Quito stayed on Ocu-GLO Rx forever following surgery, he might retain enough vision to be useful for him.

Now, Quito is much more active--making his way all over the house, climbing on and off furniture, guarding the front door when the bell goes off, and watching the world go by when he is in the car. He has been on Ocu-GLO Rx and additional lutein supplementation, and Dr. McCalla is very encouraged by his progress. Quito has become playful and willing to go on walks, and we are now living with a happy dog that can see the world, where the world and his life were once darkness. We feel very good to be part of this experience for Quito. He completely deserves the life that he has today.

The first picture is Quito at Christmastime, shortly after we brought him home and prior to his cataract surgery.

The second picture is Quito about three months after cataract surgery. His pupils now constrict much better in sunlight than they once did, which is a really good sign. He is such a happy dog!

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Recent Ocu-GLO Rx ™ Success Stories From: Alora S. and Oreo

When first I researched PRA, I learned that all untreated dogs with PRA will eventually endure complete blindness within one year of diagnosis. I gather that before Ocu-GLO Rx, there was no treatment available for PRA. While Ocu-GLO Rx does not claim to prevent or cure PRA, the literature I read states that usage of this antioxidant supplement may help slow the deterioration of the retina to 'buy some time' visually.

Oreo is a happy dog. One of her favorite activities is to look out our front window and protect our home from the rabbits and squirrels that frequent our front yard. Oreo also loves to ride in the car and intently watch the road as we drive (we use a dog seat belt). We just returned from a Winnipeg-to-Vancouver road trip in August of 2012 and Oreo spent hours each day watching for animals and anticipating the road ahead to enable her to lean into the curves (like riding a motorcycle)! She also loves to play ball, although after her PRA diagnosis she had become quite clumsy at playing fetch. However, we notice that she has recently resumed her very acrobatic style of ball catching.

Oreo has been receiving the supplements for six months now and I am very pleased with results to date. I am hoping that through the continued use of Ocu-GLO Rx, Oreo may maintain her eyesight for a couple more years and prolong these sighted activities that she loves. While I believe it would be unrealistic to expect that Oreo will regain the vision in her blind eye, I am very encouraged by the fact that there appears to be some improvement in the retinal health of her good eye.

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